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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Is that Sasquatch Looking at that Hillbilly? Or is that Hillbilly Looking at that Sasquatch?

Two North Carolina locals comments on the same event.

Hillybilly Sighting Startles Local Sasquatch

by Billy D.
Monday, June 14, 2010, 9:45am

On June 5th, a Sasquatch reported seeing a creature wearing a camouflage ball cap, smelling of beer, and singing Lynyrd Skynyrd songs near his cave in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Knobby indicates to reporters where last week's incident occurred.

Knobby indicates to reporters where last week's incident occurred.

“Knobby,” the the name the Sasquatch gave one reporter, claims that he was out for a walk late in the evening on Saturday because his wife had guests over and she doesn’t like him smoking cigars in the cave.  During this stroll a strange beast, “Came out of nowhere,” then made a guttural noise that sounded, “a lot like the opening chords to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.”  A terrified Knobby quietly followed the slow moving brute to a pile of beer cans and a small campfire.  “I went back the next morning, but he was gone.  I’ll never leave my iPhone again!”

Authorities are reassuring locals that hillbilly sightings, while common, are usually pretty funny and best when video recorded.

Bigfoot afoot?  Local Legend Resurfaces After Local Sighting Near Casar

by David Allen
Monday, June 14, 2010, 10:00am

Legend speaks of an ape-like creature who called Upper Cleveland County home in the late 1970s.

Jeff Melton / The Star Timothy Peeler shows where he reportedly saw Knobby, a bigfoot creature of Cleveland County lore, earlier this month.

Photo by Jeff Melton / The Star - Timothy Peeler shows where he reportedly saw Knobby, a bigfoot creature of Cleveland County lore, earlier this month.

Robert Williams, then covering the news for Charlotte media outlets, named him “Knobby,” a towering beast many considered as the resident Bigfoot.

Williams never saw Knobby — “I only wrote what I was told.”

Knobby stories flew overseas, Williams said, drawing interest from New Zealand and beyond. Newspaper articles from 1979 detail more than a dozen Knobby sightings and investigations by the North American Research Association and researchers from a university in Massachusetts. But the rumors and sightings near Carpenter’s Knob — hence the creature’s name — mysteriously stopped decades ago.

Then, Timothy Peeler called 911.

Peeler, of Vanada Drive in Casar, is a self-proclaimed “South Mountain man.” He’s surrounded by woods and a ridge worthy of postcards.

It was June 5 when Peeler supposedly spotted a man-beast, upwards of 10 feet tall, that screeched like “a night bird” and grunted in the warm night air.

The creature sported dark hair, Peeler said, with a grey beard stretching to its navel.

Authorities were dispatched that morning around 3 a.m., according to a report from Cleveland County Communications.

Deputies filed a suspicious person report after investigating the incident.

Williams was surprised to hear of the recent sighting. It had been years, he said, since Knobby’s supposed existence made headlines.

The sasquatch was reportedly sighted in the 70s by numerous people, including highschoolers, a banker and an elderly woman. One man said Knobby might have broken his goat’s neck.

“People came in from everywhere,” Williams said. “People contacting me from around the world.”

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